The GVH–MNB Competition Statistics database contains annual indicators on the sectors of the Hungarian economy, which are suitable for characterising the conditions and intensity of competition.

By creating and publishing the database, the GVH and the Hungarian National Bank (MNB) intend to provide publicly available data to researchers working on market theory and competition policy issues, thus contributing to an objective analysis of competition issues in the Hungarian economy.

The database is intended for general statistical and research purposes only, allowing mainly comparisons over time and (to a limited extent) across sectors for a relatively wide range of statistically defined sectors. The database is not intended to directly support competition or other GVH proceedings (e.g., sector inquiries), nor is it intended to characterise relevant markets in the sense of competition policy. The database is not suitable for this purpose.

The database (including the methodological documentation) may be freely used provided that the source (“GVH–MNB Competition Statistics Database”) is indicated.

More here: GVH–MNB Competition Statistics Database - GVH