Highest ever cartel fine in Hungary

There is no press release yet on the webpage of the Hungarian Competition Authority, but some news portals have already reported that a 14 billion HUF fine was imposed on one of the wealthiest Hungarian's company (Nitrogénművek Vegyipari Zrt.).

We are looking forward to seeing the decision. (Post will be updated later on.)

Source: https://www.portfolio.hu/gazdasag/20211022/14-milliardos-birsagot-szabott-ki-a-gvh-bige-laszlo-milliardos-nagyvallalkozo-cegcsoportjanak-506650 

Update: Meanwhile we have the press release available: A teljes hazai műtrágyapiacot érintő kartellt tárt fel a GVH, rekordösszegű bírság lett a vége - GVH